Geology Trip Arthur’s Seat

Primary 5 went on an interesting trip to Arthur’s Seat this week. The rangers at Holyrood Park taught us about the geology of the area and helped us add to the knowledge we had gained at school.

The rangers transported us millions of years into the past where we imagined a very different world. Among the highlights were a volcanic model, a massive boulder deposited in the Park by a glacier in the ice age and sedimentary rocks proving that the area was once near the equator and a tropical beach.


Primary 5 Visit to Gladstone’s Land

Primary 5 enjoyed an informative and fun trip to Gladstone’s Land. We learnt about the merchant Thomas Gledstane and his family who had a shop on the site and lived in a room above the shop. They also rented the other rooms out to other families.

News Flash!

Ms Waters and Mrs Gibb would like to say thank you and well done to all the class members who put themselves forward for the roles of class Pupil Council Rep and Eco Rep. We had loads of volunteers who came prepared with great speeches about why they would be good for the job. After delivering the speeches, we voted and we must congratulate the following people. Caitlin is our new Pupil Council Rep and Amy is our Eco Rep. We wish them all the best with their new roles. They will of course be enthusiastically supported by everyone else in the class.