Month: October 2018

Callum Aberdeen Football Mascot!

In December 2017, when Callum was in P4, he was invited to be Aberdeen Football Club’s Mascot! Callum was also interviewed by Sky Sports.

Callum 1




Buddy Time

Primary 5 love buddy time. In Outdoor Learning Week, we helped our buddies learn about number by creating sets of objects using natural materials in the nature strip. We think our buddies are very clever.

Fossil Dig

At the beginning of our project on Old Edinburgh, we learnt about fossils. We looked at what they are, how they form and what they can tell us about the past. We also took part in a fossil dig outside in the playground. It was a lot of fun and let us practise a range of scientific skills.

Tower building challenge

In the first week of term, Primary 5 were challenged to work in teams to build a tower that was as tall as possible given material constraints. They explored strong shapes, bridge and tower designs and then created their towers. The engineering and teamwork skills were impressive.

Geology Trip Arthur’s Seat

Primary 5 went on an interesting trip to Arthur’s Seat this week. The rangers at Holyrood Park taught us about the geology of the area and helped us add to the knowledge we had gained at school.

The rangers transported us millions of years into the past where we imagined a very different world. Among the highlights were a volcanic model, a massive boulder deposited in the Park by a glacier in the ice age and sedimentary rocks proving that the area was once near the equator and a tropical beach.