Month: May 2017

Fun in the tipi for P3B

As part of ‘Outdoor Learning Week’ P3B got to enjoy some time inside the tipi. They spent the time sharing their Cinderella stories, which were fantastic, and got to sit back and relax during storytime.


Stick Men

This week, as part of our Woodlands topic, we are doing a couple of activities based on the story Stick Man. To begin with, we set off on an adventure to the nature garden where we gathered the necessary materials to make our own stick men (and stick lady loves!)

Here is our stick family.

New Arrivals in P3B

P3B were very (very) excited today to welcome 5 new arrivals to our class. Meet Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore and Voldemort the caterpillars. Our goal is to look after our new ‘class pets’ and help them on their journey to becoming beautiful butterflies. Wish us luck! The idea is that in 7-14 days the caterpillars will climb to the top of their lovely tub, where they will harden into chrysalides.
Watch this space for some very exciting updates!

p.s. it is likely that names may depend on who you ask! One minute it’s Ron, the next it might be Voldemort depending on the caterpillar’s behaviour at the time!

P3 Runners

A very happy bunch of runners this week. Here are our first finishers. How lovely to see some new faces running the whole mile. And a big well done to the rest of P3 who keep challenging themselves every week to run further and further without stopping. Hurrah!

Buddy Time for P3B & P6B

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week P3B also spent some time playing with their P6B buddies, something which they really love to do. They’re making the most of the last few weeks of term and learning about what makes a good buddy, before they take on the ‘big buddy’ role in August.

Mental Health Awareness Week

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week.
To start the week we began by thinking about the things that make us happy. Things like walking the dog, eating ice cream, singing, playing in the park, seeing family and doing gymnastics make P3B happy.
We also had a wee go of Mrs Anderson’s loop cards which encourage us to think of different words to describe ourselves. In P3B we are: beautiful, unique, amazing, powerful, valuable, wise, calm and brave.

Mrs Anderson was also kind enough to come and do some Relax Kids with us. She taught us some new games, gave us some teamwork tasks and gave us a change to practise our breathing and relaxation. The Hoberman sphere was our fave- it was so mesmerising!