Month: September 2015

Wow word carousel

Today P2C were using their senses to explore WOW words (describing words). In groups the children rotated round 5 different stations and had to work together to come up with as many WOW words as they could. 


Community Walk for P2C

Today we had a lovely time exploring the local community in the sunshine. We spotted lots of things around us and worked together to tick them off our list. 😀

The P2 Marshmallow Challenge

Today we got together for our very first P2 gathering. The reason: to find out about a very special challenge. Our task was to build a tower using only:
– 20 pieces of spaghetti
– 1 metre of string
– 1 metre of masking tape
– 1 marshmallow
Of course, we were all up for the challenge!
It’s a lot harder than it sounds!