Month: February 2015


We have a new friend in p1a and b. His name is Onion and he is an elf from Fairyland. He doesn’t have a home and so we decided to make him one. Before we could get started we needed to investigate what materials would be most suitable for using to build the house. We spent this morning doing some waterproofing experiments. It was lots of fun. We made sure Onion had a jacket on to keep him dry! 


Sorting materials

We have been learning all about different materials. We sorted these materials into different groups: colour, uses, bigger/smaller and soft/ hard. We then sorted them into: wood, plastic, metal, fabric and glass. 

P1a get experimenting!

We had lots of fun working in groups using different types of building materials to create houses for the three little pigs. We then got the big bad wolf (in the shape of a hairdryer!) to test to see which walls fell down and which stayed standing. 


In p1 we have been learning all about gymnastics. We have learned some simple gymnastic positions like the pike and tuck. We have also been thinking about creative ways of balancing and traveling. This week we were all very excited to use the beam in particular! Have a look at what we have been up to. 

Fairyland Maths

Today we had fun measuring using non standardized units including cubes and gingerbread men/ ladies. We measured different parts of the school using our lovely gingerbread friends!