Month: January 2015

More fairyland fun!

We are still loving all the fairyland purposeful play activities. We have been very creative and used our imaginations to come up with some great games! 


Fairyland Purposeful Play

We’ve been writing letters to the dragon, exploring the dragons castle, experimenting with fairy dust and gems and making fairy tale shadow puppets amongst other fun activities in purposeful play time. 


We have had such a busy time making a start to Fairyland. We have already built a massive beanstalk for Jack! The friendly dragon seemed pleased as he left us another letter thanking us for all our hard work. We can’t wait to start creating more of Fairyland!


We got back from P.E and found a trail of glitter in our classroom with a rolled up letter. We read the letter which was a desperate plea for help from a dragon who wants us to help him recreate Fairyland and help others believe in it too. We brainstormed ideas about how we could turn our classroom into Fairyland! The dragon left a D-mail letter box for us to be able to reply to his letters. 

We are so excited about what’s going to happen next! 

Christmas Cooking

We all helped make delicious Christmas cookies. Some weighed the ingredients, some rolled out the dough and used cookie cutters while others decorated the cookies. 

We enjoyed eating them afterwards!