Child Labour

Primary 5B have been learning about child labour today after our interest was sparked by learning about children working in the cotton mills in the 1800s.

We researched the issue using a variety of sources and found out that it was a complex issue tied to other issues such as poverty and human rights.

We were shocked to discover the scale of children working in unsuitable or hazardous conditions. In 2017 a UN report estimated 152 million children were engaged in child labour and that 74 million worked in hazardous conditions.

We decided to share our learning with a school assembly and then, the following week, to hold a march against child labour and to give out persuasive leaflets on the issue.

The classes that came to support us and hear about the issues were wonderful and we’d like to say thanks to them.

Thanks also to Pippa a volunteer with the school who has been running her own charity working with a community in Ghana and of course lovely Ms Calderon who led the project with the children on her placement.

We know this is a complex issue that we can’t solve but we hope we have raised awareness and suggested some ways people can help. We are also aiming to raise some money at the summer fair for a charity that works in this area.


Buddy Time

Primary 5 love buddy time. In Outdoor Learning Week, we helped our buddies learn about number by creating sets of objects using natural materials in the nature strip. We think our buddies are very clever.

Fossil Dig

At the beginning of our project on Old Edinburgh, we learnt about fossils. We looked at what they are, how they form and what they can tell us about the past. We also took part in a fossil dig outside in the playground. It was a lot of fun and let us practise a range of scientific skills.

Tower building challenge

In the first week of term, Primary 5 were challenged to work in teams to build a tower that was as tall as possible given material constraints. They explored strong shapes, bridge and tower designs and then created their towers. The engineering and teamwork skills were impressive.